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Historically hosting gamerservers since 2004 in Europe, Nitroserv now offers Valheim hosting services in the USA right from the game's launch. We also provide our brand new latest gameserver pannel using the latests state-of-the-art technologies and your servers are hosted on the latests hardware available delivering the best possible experience.

Valheim Server 10 players.
  • 10 slots
  • 128GB RAM Max
  • Support
  • FTP access
  • Import your own map
  • Immediate delivery
  • ValheimPlus ✅
  • BepInEx mods ✅

and pay $14.99/m if you are convinced

We host Valheim servers the good way


We have 360 000+ users/gamers/friends

7 countries

In 7 different countries around the world

Nitro since 2004

And all that stuff since 2004

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Explore and play Valheim

Dive into Norse mythology in a huge procedurally generated world. Share this unique experience with your friends. The further you travel in Viking purgatory, the more the difficulty rises !

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It's nice to have Valheim's server,
But it’s better with a new manager.

Our new Gameserver manager was built to make it easy for you to operate your server and focus on what matters: playing.

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United States (USA)
Valheim Server 10 players max.
  • 10 slots
  • 4GB RAM
  • Support
  • FTP access
  • Immediate delivery

  • and pay $14.99/m if you are convinced